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The Program Committee of the VACVPR will provide for an annual conference once per year in order to enhance knowledge and promote revenue and socialization within the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation. The President elect shall serve as the overall coordinator of this annual meeting and will select a committee to serve for the production of this event.

Committee personnel will be selected on the basis of interest, leadership and organizational skills. Personnel should consist of the following:
A. Chairperson
B. Registration Coordinator
C. Industrial Coordinator
D. Facilities Coordinator
E. Financial Coordinator-Treasurer
F. Speaker Coordinator-Educational Chair
G. President VACVPR

Complimentary registration will be paid by the VACVPR for above personnel (A-G) providing their responsibilities have been completed. The Program Committee Chair reserves the right to refuse complimentary registration to any committee member.

The Program Committee Chair also reserves the right to authorize complimentary registration, lodging, meals, travel arrangements for honored guests and speakers, upon approval of VACVPR Board.

A. Chairperson
1. Totally responsible for the planning, organization, and directing of all activities related to the meeting.
2. Selects committee members to be approved by the Association’s Board of Directors.
3. Conducts committee meetings as required.
4. Responsible for the timely development of committee roster, timetable, and budget to be approved by the VACVPR Board of Directors.
5. Follows the committee timetable without any deviation.
6. Insures that the overall operation is taking place in a smooth and harmonious manner.
7. Monitors all funds on a continuous basis (revenues and expenses).
8. Authorizes all expenditures.
9. Provides a written and oral report to all pertinent personnel at the quarterly board meeting.

B. Registration Coordinator(s)
1. Responsible for the registration process and the development and implementation of all brochures and pamphlets related to the meeting.
2. Follows the timetable without any deviations.
3. Contacts the VACVPR Membership Committee, and other appropriate related agencies for mailing labels, etc.
4. Organizes and plans all aspects of the registration process: a. Obtains appropriate supplies (tape, ribbons, meal tickets, etc.). b. Responsible for the preparation of registration packets. c. Responsible for the registration of symposium participants. d. Responsible for coverage of registration table.
5. Documents symposium attenders to classification – member, non-member, student, etc. and maintains an accurate count of attendance.
6. Sends all funds collected for registration to the Treasurer on a weekly basis. Copies are to be made of all checks, etc.
7. Balances the Cash Box with the Treasurer every day.
8. Issues receipts for all transactions and maintains a copy for VACVPR records.
9. Provides a progress report to the Program Committee Chairperson on a monthly basis.

C. Industrial Coordinator(s)
1. Is responsible for the organization of industrial support for the annual symposium.
2. Responsible for marketing vendors for their support.
3. Lists and documents number of booths sold with the company name, personnel attending, signage required and electrical needs.
4. Sends funds collected from the exhibitors to the Treasurer on a weekly basis. Copies are to be made of all checks, etc.
5. Follows the timetable without any deviations.
6. Secures sponsorship for speaker and special events. Keeps program chair constantly aware of support and sponsorships.
7. Works with Facilities Coordinator to assure adequate space and electrical requirements for exhibitors.
8. Provides a progress report to the Program Committee Chairperson on a monthly basis.

D. Facilities Coordinator
1. Organizes, plans, and implements all necessary arrangements with the scheduled facility prior to the event.
2. Provides brochures, registration cards, etc. on the facility to the Registration Coordinator for mailings, public relations, etc.
3. Makes all arrangements for food, beverages, etc.
4. Follows the timetable without any deviation. Secures meeting rooms for all VACVPR activities, board meetings, lecture rooms, workshop rooms, etc.
5. Makes all arrangements for lodging for speakers, guests, etc.
6. Arranges and implements meetings with the hotel staff every morning prior to the scheduled event, in order to review and assure the activities of the day.
7. Provides a progress report to the Program Committee Chairperson on a monthly basis.

E. Financial Coordinator (Treasurer)
1. Assists Program Chair in preparing budget for annual symposium.
2. Assists Industrial Coordinator in securing sponsorship for events.
3. Overall responsibility for financial direction.

F. Speaker Coordinator (Education Chair)
1. Along with the Program Committee is responsible for planning the program and workshop topics.
2. Contacts speakers and makes necessary arrangements.
3. Works closely with Industrial Coordinator in securing sponsorship for speakers.
4. Confirms CEU’s with appropriate organizations.
5. Follows the timetable without any deviations.
6. Provides a monthly progress report to the Program Committee Chair.

G. President
1. Provides input on an executive level for all areas that are related to program planning, development, implementation, and marketing.

A. Dates of Event
B. Facility secured
C. Program complete
D. Speakers confirmed
E. Sponsorship confirmed
F. Brochure completed
G. Mailings scheduled
H. Mailing labels ordered
I. Vendors confirmed
J. Public relations advertisement/calendar of events confirmed or placed

As designated by the Program Committee, every effort will be made to have a vendor financially responsible for a speaker for the Annual Meeting. The Speaker Coordinator is responsible for contacting and confirming speakers for the Symposium. The timetable should be followed without de-viations. Initial contact should be made with speakers by phone. According to the requirements of the timetable, letters should be sent to all speakers to confirm the telephone conversation. The following information should be included in the letter:
A. Brief history of the meeting
B. Dates of the Symposium
C. Honorarium
D. Lecture time and date
E. Goals and objectives of the particular lecture
F. Target audience
G. VACVPR Reimbursement Policy
H. Information on any companies with whom they have relationships
In addition, the Speaker Coordinator should ascertain the speakers’:
– Accommodation needs
-Special travel arrangements
– AV needs
The Speaker Coordinator shall confirm each speaker’s needs and relate those to appropriate committee members (i.e. room reservations with Facilities Coordinator).
The final program should also be mailed to the speakers when completed.

Expenses will be reimbursed to the Keynote and others speakers (not workshop) according to the following schedule:
A. Honorarium
1. Keynote speaker – $500.00
2. Other speakers – $200.00
3. Workshop speakers – $75.00
B. Transportation (Long Distance)
1. Round trip air fare Coach Class, airport parking, limousine service to the Symposium hotel. Please note: Air fare must be approved by the Program Committee.
2. Other alternate methods of transportation shall be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed air fare, coach class.
3. Automobile travel will be paid at the rate of .20 per mile. Road tolls and parking expenses will be paid provided the total ground expenses do not exceed the sum of Coach Class air fare and parking expenses.
C. Lodging
1. Accommodations will be made by the Virginia Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
2. Lodging will include the night before and the day of the scheduled event only. Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the VACVPR Program Committee.
All expenses that are covered by this policy must be submitted to the Program Committee Chairperson of the VACVPR within 14 days after the scheduled event. Speakers who are being reimbursed by a sponsoring company are excluded from this policy.
Amendments to this policy must be approved by the Board of Directors, Virginia Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

The VACVPR treasurer shall chair the Budget and Finance Committee. The committee shall be accountable to the VACVPR executive board for all actions.
The duties of the VACVPR Budget and Finance Committee shall include:
* Develops and proposes an annual expense budget for the Association.
* Researches and presents financial advisement (i.e., savings certificates, checking account maintenance, etc.).
* Annual review of membership list and dues assessment; recommendations as warranted for dues collection.
* Annual review of revenue/expense budget. Proposals for revenue generation as needed.
* Special duties as assigned by VACVPR Executive Board.

Goal: The Bylaws committee is responsible for recommending any changes in the bylaws to the Executive committee of the Board. After approval by the Board, the changes will be sent to the membership for their vote and approval.

Goal: To coordinate regional workshops throughout the state and assist with planning the Annual Meeting as needed.
1. To coordinate at the regional workshops in the four regions of the state.
2. The Vice President is responsible for securing volunteers in the different regions (Northern, Southwestern, Southeastern, and Central) to sponsor and coordinate the workshop in their respective region.
Regional Workshop Guidelines
Adopted September 14, 1995
Date for workshop:
Select a date that is convenient for your area. Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays seem to have been the best options in the past.
Length of Workshop:
Most regions have held half day programs ending right after lunch. If you feel that you can support a full day program, please feel free to do so.
Fee for Workshop:
Effective January, 1996, the fee for Regional workshops will be free to members of VACVPR, $35 for nonmembers, and $15 for students.
Topics for Workshop:
Select one or two topics that would be of interest to all attending. These can be clinical as well as management issues.
Speakers for workshop:
Try to get local speakers in your area or in the state.
VACVPR will provide envelopes and mailing labels for the members and programs in the state. The cost of mailing the flyers/brochures can be done two ways. The cost of mailing can be absorbed by your institution or you can buy stamps for the mailing and then get reimbursed by VACVPR.
A one page flyer or plain paper folder brochure is fine. Try to keep the costs to a minimum for this. Include the date, times, place and fees on the flyer/brochure.


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CEU’s are not necessary. However, if your institution wants to provide them for the workshop, this is fine. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved in CEU’s, so make sure someone is willing to coordinate this effort. Be sure that you list on the flyer whether CEU’s are being offered.
VACVPR’s goal is to have the regional workshops provided as a membership benefit. As such, the cost of doing these regional workshops should be kept to a minimum. Use local speakers in your area and try to keep expenses to a minimum. VACVPR will reimburse $150 for mailing, handouts, meals, etc.
Consider all the following when budgeting for the workshop:
1. Cost of speakers – try to use local speakers who will volunteer their services.
2. Mailing costs
3. Copying expense of handouts
4. Folders for handouts
5. Cost of printing the flyer/brochure
Keep an itemized listing of all expenses and submit this to the VACVPR treasurer after the regional meeting to receive reimbursement.

The purpose of the VACVPR Liaison Committee shall be to encourage collaboration and cooperation among the various disciplines represented within the Association.
The actions of this committee will both enhance and promote the purposes and objectives of the Association. Specific duties of this Liaison Committee shall include:
• Maintaining representatives from each discipline as mentioned in the association (e.g. nursing, exercise physiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, physician, nutrition/dietary, industrial, behavioral science, other allied health professionals).
• Promoting professional relations and courtesy between the disciplines as represented within the Association, such that its purposes and objectives are served.
• Researching and promoting community and professional relations activities that promote both the advancement and awareness of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
• Providing support to the Education and other special committees for promotion of educational events, scientific meetings and/or information exchange pertinent to the Association’s objectives.
• Researching and proposing appropriate communications to the Executive Board regarding improvements in health-care delivery, and third-party reimbursement in rehabilitation.
• Researching and proposing appropriate communications to the Executive Board regarding program and professional standards of practice.

As of September 15, 1998:
It is the goal of the Nominations & Elections Committee to ensure that officers are representative of the majority of regions in the state. The committee is responsible for the following:
1. Requesting nominations for each office to each member in the Fall (October) of the year. Nominations will be completed in approximately 60 days.
2. Presenting at least two (2) qualified names for each office. In the event that only one name has been nominated for office, then suggestions for at least one (1) additional nominee must be requested from the Board. At the December Executive Board Meeting, nominations for office will be approved prior to distribution to the membership.
3. Providing a biographical form and a consent for nomination to be sent to each nominee; from this information a biographical sketch (with picture, if possible) is compiled to be included with the ballots.
4. Mailing election ballots in January- February to be returned to Nominations & Elections Committee in approximately 30 days. The postmark deadline for ballot return will be stated on each ballot. The following instructions will be sent with each ballot:
a. To vote, place an X on the line to the left of the candidate’s name.
b. To vote for an individual(s) whose name does not appear on the ballot, print his/her name(s) in the blank space immediately below the candidates’ names for the officer position to be elected; place an X on the line to the left. You may vote for the number specified for each officer position.
c. After marking your ballot, place it into the envelope addressed to the CHAIRPERSON, NOMINATIONS & ELECTIONS COMMITTEE; stamp, and mail.
d. Do not place any other material in the ballots as the ballots will not be opened until _________ .
e. A ballot will be marked invalid if: (a) you vote for more candidates than specified from each officer position; (b)you mail after the postmark deadline; (c) the ballot envelope is not sealed; and (e) the ballot is mutilated. POSTMARK DEADLINE FOR BALLOT RETURN IS ____________. BALLOTS POSTMARKED AFTER THAT DATE WILL BE INVALID.
5. For purposes of verification, the Membership Chairman is asked to furnish a list of members in numerical order.
6. Nominations and Elections committee will keep a record of the total number of ballots mailed to members, the total returned, and the total of invalid ballots.
7. The committee will notify the President and Secretary of election results. The winners of the election will then be notified by phone and that all nominees will be notified by letter of the election results.
8. The committee chair will announce the election results at the March Executive Committee meeting and at the annual business meeting of the VACVPR.
9. The committee chair will attend and participate in meetings of the VACVPR Executive Board.
10. The committee chair will prepare and submit committee budget for new fiscal year.
11. The committee chair will prepare and submit year end report for annual meeting. This report is to include a summary of the number of ballots sent out, number of responses received, number of mailings, as well as the result of the tally.

Early October – Request for Nominations for VACVPR Officers
Early November – Nomination Returned
Early December – Submit Nominations to Board for approval. Following approval from the Executive Board, Biographical sketches mailed to nominees
Early January – Biographical sketches returned
Mid- Late January – Ballots mailed to VACVPR members
Late February – Voting Deadline
March – Report election results to Board. Following approval from Board, letters of acknowledgement of election to office are sent to newly elected officers
April – Newly elected officers announced and presented to VACVPR members at Annual Business Meeting.

Please nominate no more than three (3) for any given office.
President -elect: _______________________________
Vice President: ________________________________
Secretary: ____________________________________
Treasurer: ____________________________________

NAME: ______________________________
INSTITUTION: _____________________________________________
TITLE: __________________________________________________

EXPERIENCE: Please list the positions you have held which relate to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

EDUCATION: Please list the degrees and/or certifications you have obtained which apply to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

COMMENTS: Please write a brief summary of why this position is important and what you hope to accomplish. Signature: _____________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________
Date: _____________________________________________
Please return by _________ to: _______________________________-

_____________ Name
_____________ Name
_____________ Blank line
Vice President
_____________ Name
_____________ Name
_____________ Blank line
_________________ Name
_____________ Name
_____________ Blank line
_________________ Name
_____________ Name
_____________ Blank line
Please return _____________ to: _________________
Virginia Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
PO Box 25627
Richmond, VA. 23260-5629

Goal: The Outcome committee shall coordinate dissemination of information related to outcomes to all members of VACVPR.

Goal: This committee is responsible for coordinating program certification in Virginia through the AACVPR Program Certification process. The committee consists of five members. The chair shall be a VACVPR member who is a fellow in AACVPR. Two members shall be VACVPR members who are experts in Cardiac Rehabilitation and two members shall be experts in pulmonary rehabilitation.

Goal: To serve as an information source and forum for the exchange of ideas for the entire membership of the Virginia Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
1. To publish the newsletter four (4) times during the next year. Each issue will be published approximately two weeks following the meeting of the Executive Board.
a. To provide information to the general membership about the activities of the Executive Board, including a calendar of the E.B. meetings and meeting locations.
b. To provide information about educational opportunities for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation practitioners.
2. To help publicize VACVPR activities to interested professional and lay groups.

Goal: This individual is responsible for coordinating communication between VACVPR and AACVPR related to reimbursement issues. Communication shall be in writing to all members of VACVPR and\or Program directors as it relates to reimbursement for coverage related to cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation.

Goal: This committee is responsible for disseminating information related to changes in practice standards to the membership of VACVPR as needed. The changes in standards will generally be published by the AACVPR, ACSM, American Heart Association, or American College of Cardiology.

Goal: The Board of Directors shall select a member for the Honoree Award. The following criteria shall be considered in the selection process.
1. The candidate shall be a member in good standing.
2. The candidate shall be selcted based on contributions made to VACVPR over and above standard committee or officer contributions.
– Acively involved in VACVPR for several years.
– Consistently supports VACVPR.
– Represents VACVPR and it’s philosophy to other organizations such as AACVPR, state political associations, insurance companies etc.
– Mentors other members in VACVPR and encourages active involvement on committees.
– Contributed to the betterment of VACVPR and it’s members through a variety of activities.