Dear Affiliate Leaders,

S488 now has a companion House bill –HR3355 (identical language), Introduced by Ways & Means Committee members   , Lois Jenkins (R-KS) and John Lewis (D-GA). 

Congressman Ryan, Chair of W&M, has verbally committed to passing this in 2015.  To do that he needs strong support from the full W&M committee, thus our target for co-sponsors will focus on states with W&M Committee members.

The web site is updated to include this new information, a template letter, talking points  and written information to be shared with Congressional offices.

A number of Day on the Hill (DOTH) attendees visited some of these US House Representatives’ offices in March and will already have a good foundation to ask for support of HR 3355.

Health and Public Policy Committee members and DOTH attendees are aware of this Call to Action.

Swift action by as many as possible is needed to make a significant impact and secure co-sponsors.

Attached is a list of House Ways and Means committee members and their respective districts.


Please Contact program directors/staff in the identified districts of your respective affiliates to:

  1.    Call Congressional office staff person responsible for health care issues to discuss this issue and ask for the Member’s support.
  2.     Follow up with written materials posted on web page and used for DOTH 2015.
  3.     Consider making an appointment to see the House member in the home office while           

    Congress is in summer session through September 7th.  That’s what Congressional breaks are for.

  1.     Inform me as soon as possible, preferably within one week of any successful calls so we can track progress.
  2.     Plan follow-up with staffer within 2-3 weeks.

Please let Abigail and me know if you need assistance finding programs in the listed districts.

Thank you for your efforts,


Wayne Reynolds RN, FAACVPR, CCRP

Coordinator: Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

680 Centre St, Brockton, Ma. 02302


Chair:AACVPR Health & Public policy Committee